Women's Rights Bamboo Toothbrush - Medium

  • Start and finish every day right by having a direct impact on women’s rights. It only takes a two-minute brushing session (dentist recommended) to improve the lives of women everywhere.

    •100% compostable and recyclable materials
    •DuPont nylon bristles are durable and can be recycled
    •Non-toxic paint to protect bamboo handle
    •Sales from the red line go towards protecting women’s rights

  • Brush 2-3x daily for 2 minutes (dentist recommended). ADA recommends replacing toothbrushes every 3-4 months.

    We recommend storing the bamboo toothbrush upright (vertically). The non-toxic painted handle will help prevent mildew and early decay of the handle, compared to unsealed bamboo toothbrushes.

  • The handle is lightweight and compostable. Bristles are durable and made of DuPont Nylon - recyclable wherever nylon is accepted. The non-toxic paint tip prevents early decay - to last as long as other leading plastic toothbrushes (except they won't last 1,000 years like the plastic ones). An ergonomic handle and rounded smooth head makes brushing very enjoyable!


  • 5% of sales go towards supporting women’s rights.

    Presently, women seem to play the role of an extra when it comes to their own health. And since a female’s reproductive health is shown to affect her socio-economic advancement, MamaP is committed to giving women a starring role in making decisions that affect their own well-being.

    MamaP’s stance on women’s self-determination has guided them towards proudly supporting the work of Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is a leader in the field of healthcare — providing women, men, and young people with high-quality, affordable healthcare. In particular, their education programs — backed by experts and supported by over 100 years of reproductive research — have improved the lives of millions of Americans.

    MamaP Values:

    •5% of Sales Goes To Non-Profits
    •1% For The Planet Member
    •Minority & Woman Certified Business