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Laurel Skin

Brighten Mask

  • 50 ml

    The Brighten Facial Mask is bursting with Vitamin C and all of its vital cofactors to lighten discoloration caused by sun damage with delicate raw fruit acids. Its phytonutrient density works to repair discoloration damage on a deeper level, while it strengthens and firms connective tissue. The concentrated vibrancy of this mask is truly unmatched and benefits can be seen after just one use.

    This product is good for:

  • • Apply 1 teaspoon or less of Brighten Mask to mask bowl, and trickle a bit of water in with your fingertips to preferred consistency.

    • Mix with a brush into a slightly runny paste and allow to steep like tea for a few minutes. Allowing the Mask to steep will cause it to thicken and will further activate ingredients.

    • Once ready to apply, moisten face and hands. Apply gently to face and neck with fingertips or preferably a mask brush.

    • Leave on for 10-30 minutes, then rinse.

    * Keep mask hydrated to keep mask active and to prevent drying on the skin. The longer the mask is left on the more frequently it will need to be rehydrated to stay active. Re-hydrate it with a brush, fingertips, or a mister bottle of water.

    Use within 12 months of opening and within 24 months of manufacture date on the bottom of the jar. Keep jar dry to prevent spoilage.

  • Camu Camu˚, Rosehip Fruit˚, Acerola Berry˚, Gotu Kola˚, Calendula˚, Comfrey˚, Orange Peel˚; Essential Oils of Frankincense˚, Carrot Seed˚, Lemon˚, Cistus˚, Sweet Orange˚ ˚signifies certified organic ingredient

  • Laurel Says: I have so many tips for you on how to make your masking experience a beautiful ritual – and of course as effective as possible – that I simply couldn’t contain it in a paragraph. Please watch this video that will answer all your burning masking questions!

    Camu Camu - Our raw, organically cultivated Camu Camu is one of the highest plant sources of vitamin C in the world. Even better, since it’s in whole plant form it contains all its beneficial cofactors and bioflavonoids. It has shown to support natural collagen production, brighten skin, and repair the cellular damage which leads to discoloration and loss of elasticity.

    Rosehip Fruit - Rosehip fruit has a unique chemical make-up that includes high Vitamin C content as well as Vitamin E and Vitamin A, making the fruit an excellent brightener. It has been used for centuries and studied at length for its ability to reduce the appearance of scars, repair deep cellular damage, and minimize the appearance of fine lines by supporting collagen and connective tissue.

    Frankincense - Our certified organic Frankincense is distilled in Vermont by a family who travels to Somalia each year for harvesting. This ingredient has been used for centuries to revitalize the skin by reducing the appearance of scars and fine lines.

    Carrot Seed - This oil contains carotenoids and specific nutrients that have proven to help prevent sun damage from occurring as well as repair UV damage related symptoms such as discoloration and loss of elasticity.

    Gotu Kola - Gotu Kola is a plant that supports connective tissue and collagen, by protecting it and encouraging new growth. Our Gotu Kola is the most vibrant in the world and grown exclusively for us by a nearby farm. It is a plant that we truly cannot do without in any vibrant-aging formula.

    Science: Antioxidants are quite simply not as effective without their cofactors. What does this mean?! This goes back to our ‘whole plant’ roots. Plants don’t contain just 1 antioxidant, like ascorbic acid or astaxanthin or CoQ10 – plants contain hundreds of beneficial antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins in their whole form. Science is only brushing the surface of the benefits of these plant-based nutrients and how they interact with our skin and bodies. However, the more that is researched and uncovered the more evidence points to cofactors being necessary for optimal vitamin/antioxidant/nutrient activity, delivery, and viability. These other plant components help to keep Vitamin C from oxidizing, and flavonoids actually help to metabolize Vitamin C post oxidation. After a Vitamin C molecule lends its electron that makes it an antioxidant, it then also becomes a free radical. This chain of events sometimes referred to as ‘pro-oxidation’ turns into a beautiful dance in the world of whole plants which all work to support each other and support our skin through this process.