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Haute C Bright Serum Concentrate

  • 30 ml

    A super potent, stable Vitamin C serum designed to make skin glow. This concentrated treatment targets all forms of hyperpigmentation—including age spots and acne scars for brighter, firmer, and more even skin. Brighten up by day, plump up by night with LILFOX’s most potent, youth-promoting potion formulated to delivery better results than prescription clinicals.

    HAUTE C boosts skin’s brightness factor with an intelligent blend of exotic, highly efficacious botanicals. Kakadu Plum bestows vitamin C aplenty, but when blended with exotic Camu Camu and an extravagant 15% of Tetra-C, the results are exquisite. Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid work synergistically with vitamin C to double your SPF-protection, discourage unsightly blemishes and stubborn age spots. Crisp aromatics of Rosemary, Lime and Bergamot essential oils lift the spirit and lighten the mood.

    For all skin types, especially dull, mature, dry, sagging, pigmented, uneven, acne-prone, oily, congested. Safe for sensitive skin.

    •Use it day and night for a visible glow.

    •Tetra-C + Niacinamide fades existing dark spots and helps prevent future dark spots by neutralizing free radicals.

    •Noticeably increases collagen for smoother and firmer looking skin.

    •Aggressively discourages blemishes.

    This product is good for:

  • Vitamin C is reactive with other ingredients, so be extra cautious about timing with layering.

    Morning Ritual

    •After cleansing and toning, wait for skin and hands to dry completely.

    •Apply 2-3 pumps onto face.

    •Wait 5-10 minutes before following with moisturizer and SPF.

    Evening Ritual

    •After cleansing and toning, wait for skin and hands to dry completely.

    •Apply 2-3 pumps onto face.

    •Wait 5-10 minutes before following with Dewy Bean Dream, facial mist, and moisturizer.

  • Aloe barbadenis juice*, Tetrahexydecyl ascorbate, Citrus auraunitum var amara water, Propanediol, Glycerin, Cetearyl glucoside, Glycerol stearate, Mini + Micro Sodium hyaluronate, Terminalia ferdinandiana fruit extract, Myciara dubia fruit extract, Bambusa vulgaris extract, Ferulic acid, Rosmarinous officialis leaf oil* and extract, Citrus aurauntifila flower oil*, Citrus bergamia oil*, Vanilla planifolia extract, Salvia officianlis oil*, Mentha piperata oil*, Oryza sativa bran extract, Helianthus annus extract, tocopherol, Benzoic acid, Sorbic acid, Curcuma long root oil, Citrus acid *Certified Organic

    Free of Synthetic Fragrance, Phthalates, Glycols, Parabens, Toxins.

  • Aromatics

    Top Notes: Fresh lemon peel, bergamot, herbaceous minty rosemary leaf
    Heart Notes: Tahitian vanilla bean

    Hero Ingredients and Benefits

    Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate the gold standard of Vitamin C. The most potent, stable, and effective derivative of Vitamin C found today. The only oil-soluble form of Vitamin C making it able to pass quickly through the epidermis into the dermis where collagen is manufactured; hence making it be the most effective ingredient to boost collagen.

    Results from clinical trials:
    *At 0.1% reduces melanin synthesis by 80%
    *At 10% eliminated age spots in 4 months
    *At 0.1% increases collagen by 50%
    *Acne clearing at 10% with 80% satisfaction
    *Increases collagen synthesis 2-3 times better than ascorbic acid

    Kakadu Plum + Camu Camu these are two of the richest sources of botanical vitamin C providing a phyto-synergy to complement the extragevent 15% Tetra-C.

    Vitamin E + Ferulic Acid when these two antioxidants are combined with Vitamin C clinical studies have found this trio to effectively double the protection of your SPF, making this a super effective protective day serum.

    Niacinamide also known as vitamin B3. A water soluble vitamin that works with natural substances in skin to visibly minimize and tighten pores. Improves uneven skin tone, softens fine lines, diminishes dullness while improving and strengthening skin's barrier and repairing past damage.

    Mini + Micro Sodium Hyaluronate Molecules referred to interchangeably with hyaluronic acid as they are identical molecules. These multiple sized molecules penetrate deeper into the dermis than hyaluronic acid due to their smaller molecular size. Provides a protective function for collagen synthesis and reduces signs of ageing by decreasing trans-epidermal water loss associated with sun exposure and low humidity. Intensely hydrates from within.

    Bamboo Extract a favorite of K-beauty, this silica (an essential mineral needed for healthy skin) and antioxidant rich plant provides vital vitamins and minerals to cells while actively discouraging acne, dark spots and strengthening the protective skin barrier.

    Use within 6 months after opening for optimal freshness and potency. Keep away from extreme heat, humidity, and sunlight.