The Clean Beauty Box


April/May 2021 Clean Beauty Box featuring Live Botanical. Available for single purchase without a subscription!

Immerse your skin in rich moisture to soften, plump and soothe. Live Botanical formulas are rooted in creating balance and harmony, to enhance what makes you⁠ uniquely beautiful. Their goal is to incorporate the beauty and wonder of nature into your daily self care⁠ rituals.

Immerse has a value of $108

Tidal Moon Moisture Mask
$60 / 50ml full size
Drawing on how the moon’s tidal force affects the rainfall on earth, this rich mask replenishes moisture with hydrating raw honey, conditioning oils and protective butters. Elevated with a collection of nutrient-dense algae extracts and bio-fermented may-apple for an antioxidant boost while enhancing the skin's ability to hold moisture. Perfect to use anytime you want to call on the moon for additional nourishment.

Ambient Moisture Liquid
$48 / 50ml full size
A multidimensional moisturizer to hydrate, soothe, firm, and strengthen the lipid barrier function in one step. Whole aqueous infusions are created from local, fresh herbs and balanced with ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and phospholipids to provide luminous, vibrant skin. The result is serum-like effects in the form of a lightweight moisturizer, each ingredient working together to impart vitality and a soft dewy canvas.

***This is NOT a subscription purchase. This is a single box ONLY.