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Wabi Sabi Botanicals

Eau Sacree No. 2 | Heart Rising

  • 50ml

    Everything a mist should be - divinely aromatic, beautifully refreshing, and brimming with hydrating actives and complexion-enhancing vitamins.

    Distilled White Rose and Royal Jasmine, hand-picked in the heart of France, gently hydrate and soothe dry skin. Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood enrobes the senses and imparts beautiful skin-soothing benefits. Rare Agarwood, hailed as the ‘Wood of the Gods’, showers skin in droplets of amber incense.

    Essential oil-free

    This product is good for:

  • Mist generously over clean skin, after cleansing and before moisturizing, to infuse skin with a touch of hydration and maximize the effectiveness of the other steps in your ritual. Mist over makeup for a subtle, dewy finish or throughout the day - over skin, your space, or pillows - to uplift and awaken your heart and spirit.

  • Distilled Rosa Alba (WHITE ROSE)†, Distilled Jasminum Grandiflorum (ROYAL JASMINE)†, Distilled Santalum Paniculatum (ROYAL HAWAIIAN SANDALWOOD)‡, Distilled Aquilaria spp. (AGARWOOD)‡.

    *Organically Grown Wild-harvested Ingredient

    †Certified Organic Ingredient