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Amber Eldridge

Truly Amber

Amber Eldridge, founder of Truly Amber began her clean beauty journey after watching a video about the ingredients in body products and makeup, and the disturbing effect that those ingredients are linked to. Things like cancer, asthma, infertility, allergies that she definitely didn’t want in her life. She threw away EVERYTHING, searched for nontoxic and greener alternatives, and has never looked back. It’s Amber’s mission to help you make the switch to healthier makeup and body products, helping you navigate the many amazing clean beauty brands.

Age: 20's

Skin Type: Normal

Skin Concerns: Hyperpigmentation

Fave Skincare Product: Mermaid Mask by Leahlani Skincare

Fave Self Care Ritual: I love a lazy Saturday morning drinking coffee with a mask on!

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