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Becca Tetzlaff

Organically Becca

Organically Becca came to life after creator and editor Becca Tetzlaff, a 20 something from Milwaukee, realized that what she was putting into and onto her body had a direct correlation to her overall well-being. She knew she had to start doing her own research and educate herself on what was truly natural and clean and her blog is now a channel to make others more aware one small, realistic step at a time. After all, as Becca says herself “it’s about slowly making the positive changes in your life, and not being overly strict about it. It’s about balance.” Apart from her blog, you can find her drinking coffee and wine, hiking with her husband and dog and traveling.

Age: 20's

Skin Type: Oily, acne-prone

Skin Concerns: Pigmentation, oil control, aging, acne, and scarring

Fave Skincare Product: Manuka honey. I use it as a face mask, lip mask, on wounds, and even to eat!

Fave Self Care Ritual: Definitely using manuka honey as a face mask a few times a week, it's so hydrating and has so many skin benefits! I love jade rolling as well.

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