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CJ Fisher - CS Beauty Blog

CJ Fisher

CS Beauty Blog

CJ is skin care obsessed, in every sense of the word. This obsession spurred him to create C’s Beauty Blog, where he creates videos discussing products and delving deep into the ingredient lists. His passion for skin care also lead him to enroll in the Formula Botanica Entrepreneur program with the hope of eventually creating a line of his own. When CJ isn’t experimenting with products you’ll find him at the barn, where he works as a professional AQHA performance horse trainer.

Age: 20's

Skin Type: Combination and Acne Prone

Skin Concerns: Dehydration and Acne

Fave Product: Skin Care I Can’t Live Without: Without a question, I can’t imagine going without the May Lindstrom The Problem Solver mask!! It’s been raved about endlessly, but with good reason! Whenever my skin has gone crazy, and nothing seems to be working, I always know that mask will swoop in an hit the reset button! Purifying, balancing, nurturing, and STRONG; it’s an absolute holy grail product for me!

Fave Beauty Ritual: When I have the time, at home “spa” treatments are my go to indulgence! I start with a a thorough cleanse and massage with a rich cleansing balm. Before going any further, a full glass of red wine is a must (obviously!) ! After a few sips, I’ll apply an exfoliating mask followed by a purifying clay mask, a mist and my serums du jour. To top it all off I finish with a beautiful, aromatic facial balm.

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