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April's Clean Beauty Box DETOX introduces you to a collection of clean beauty to purify, buff, clear and soothe your way to glowing skin. 

Featuring 3 products + 1 Clean Beauty Bonus
DETOX has a value of $88

C A C A O  +  H O N E Y
A N T I O X I D A N T   M A S K
Birchrose + Co. |  $32 value

This creamy antioxidant-rich blend of clay & cacao provides beneficial minerals, clears, hydrates and balances the skin. Formulated with cooling peppermint and Manuka honey to soothe and aid in the structural rejuvenation of collagen. while oxygenating pores to draw out bacteria. Skin is left hydrated, balanced and glowing.

Manuka Honeyantibacterial
Cacao Powderpromotes collagen
Fuller Earth Claydetoxifies
Coconut Milksoothes
Argan Oilhydrates
Spearmint Oilcools

D E B A U C H E R Y   D E T O X
B O D Y   S C R U B

Prim Botanicals |  $24 value

A detoxifying scrub to ease the effects of occasional debauchery (late nights, pizza dinners, sleeping with your makeup on...again). Blended with toxin-releasing Hawaiian black lava salt, epsom salt, activated charcoal, Philippine Barako Coffee, and eucalyptus This nourishing formula is loaded with hydrating, Amazonian oils like Andiroba and Pracaxi to help tone your skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Hawaiian Black Lava Salt –exfoliates
Magnesiumx –increases skin elasticity
Activated Charcoal –detoxifies
Organic Coffee –tones skin
Pracaxi Oil –deeply hydrates

C L E A R   S K I N
A D V A N C E D   S P O T  

Provence Apothecary |  $28 value

Even the healthiest of individuals wakes up with an unwelcome blemish occasionally, because you know… life stresses, hormones, pollution. And no two blemishes are the same; so Province Apothecary developed a product effectively formulated for all kinds of blemishes, EVEN cystic blemishes. Featuring powerful organic turmeric, this blend of exceptional plant botanicals soothe even deep-rooted problems. One drop is all you need to dramatically minimize the appearance and lifespan of imperfections, restoring your skin’s health.

Jojoba oil –balances sebum
Calendula –soothes
Neem Seed oil –hydrates
Vitamin E –
Turmeric Oil –
reduces inflammation

C L E A N   B E A U T Y  B O N U S !

H E R B  +  F L O R A L 
F A C I A L   S T E A M

Birchrose Co.  |  $4 value

A beautifying herbal blend of nourishing botanicals beneficial for skin hydration, purification + deeply cleansing the pores. The aromatic essence is a mind-calming and soul-centering addition to your beauty ritual.  For best results, follow immediately with a mask.

Lavenderenhances circulation
Red Clover Blossomspurifying
Rosehipincreases skin elasticity


This month's artist collaboration with Worthwhile Paper

This month’s featured whimsical abstract print by WORTHWHILE PAPER is from a collection of lively screen printed paper goods designed by Kristen Drozdowski in Ypsilanti, Michigan. This husband + wife teams works to create meaningful and beautiful print work to share with others. In effort to spread happiness using art, they create energy-filled designs inspired by nature, feel-good experiences and modern design.

Follow her @worthwhilepaper