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Edie Jackson-Kerns - XO, Edie

Edie Jackson-Kerns

XO, Edie

Edie became interested in natural beauty after choosing to pursue a healthier lifestyle and discovering how little she really knew about the conventional self care products and ingredients she had been using for so long. With a newfound passion for holistic healing and conscious living, she knew that her everyday thoughts and choices had to start including the products she used on her body and in her home. She quickly realized that perfection was not her goal, but encouraging others to feel empowered and educate themselves about their personal health was her purpose. Edie created her blog, XO, Edie to document this process and connect with others who share the same interests and intentions.

Age: 30's

Skin Type: Combination

Skin Concerns: Discoloration/sun damage, aging, occasional breakouts

Fave Skincare Product: A moisturizing cleanser or serum. It's rarely below 80 degrees where I live, so cleansing regularly is such a necessity in this heat! I love oils and creams, but serums are my favorite treatment/moisture product because they're super lightweight while still being effective. I like feeling like my skin can breathe.

Fave Self Care Ritual: Having a good laugh always makes me feel so healthy and happy in my skin! I'm also a huge fan of Gua Sha facial massage, and I just discovered a konjac cleansing cloth that is amazing. I love the feel of physical exfoliation on my face but have overdone it with scrubs and cleansing brushes in the past. The konjac feels scrubby enough but is still gentle on my skin.

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