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Erika Summers - Eco Summer Life

Erika is the creator behind Eco Summer Life, an avid mindful beauty enthusiast who shares her passion and knowledge about skin care, ethical fashion, healthy eating on a budget and more in a fun, positive manner. As Erika herself says, she is not here to judge or tell you what you need. Married to her best friend who keeps her grounded and mother of two kids (and the inspiration behind living more mindfully), she is working on the “whole life is balance” method changing her own lifestyle into something greener and healthier one step at a time.

Age: 20's
Skin Type: I don’t believe in skin types. Our skin changes and evolves depending on our age, hormone levels, and environment. I toggle between normal to oily depending on the season.
Skin Concern: Hyperpigmentation and scarring from past acne
Fave Skincare Product: One Love Organics Vitamin B cleansing oil. It cleans all the makeup and grime off gently, efficiently, and leaves my skin super soft. I use it for both morning and night routine.
Fave Selfcare Ritual: Masking with a moisture mask. Fun to apply and leaves my skin radiant and supple.