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Giveaway February 2020

Best of Clean Beauty Giveaway!

Our customer faves, handpicked for you. Win this collection of 9 full size products, valued at $495.

Giveaway has a value of $495

Included in the box:



$145 value // 30ml full size


Jungle Glow

$75 value // 30ml full size

Live Botanical

HA Hydrating Serum

$38 value // 30ml travel size

Live Botanical

First Light Brightening Oil

A rare gem. This brightening oil serum is both extremely effective AND sensitive skin-friendly. The robust and luxurious formula created to support collagen production and reduce fine-lines, scarring, and hyperpigmentation.

Ceramides and pomegranate sterols create a unique complex that helps improve the lipid barrier matrix for enhanced water loss protection, encouraging long term vitality. Nutrient-rich berries, calendula, carrot, and dates help improve elasticity, brighten and reduce hyperpigmentation. Sensitive skin-friendly vitamin C ester is combined with Vitamin E to improve bioavailability increasing clarifying and protective benefits.

*Essential oil-free, suitable for sensitive, acne-prone and mature skin types.

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Live Botanical

Greenhouse Glow Antioxidant Mask

A nutrient-dense smoothie for your skin. The unique, creamy balm is activated by water to extract powerful Phyto-compounds that increase hydration, promote circulation, encourage collagen production and improve the lipid barrier for better protection against daily stressors.

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Live Botanical

Seasonal Radiance Elixir - Chamomile & Geranium

Part of a seasonally rotating collection. Chamomile & Geranium is an exclusive pre-launch with The Clean Beauty Box.

Each seasonal hydrosol is elevated by a base of Live Botanical's custom blended Mushroom Complex that creates a flexible, breathable hydrating layer to draw in moisture and soothe stressed skin. Chamomile and geranium prepare skin for spring weather, helping to cool inflammation and increase hydration.

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