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Grace Song - Beauty Cleanse

Grace Song

Beauty Cleanse

A Juilliard-trained professional dancer and photographer by day, and blogger by night, Grace shares her journey to a clean & beautiful life on the Beauty Cleanse Blog. Originally a New Yorker, now soaking in the Florida sun, Grace is working on perfecting the technique of sunscreen application while enjoying the tropical weather with her husband and their two furry pets.


Age: Late 20’s

Skin Type: Normal with combo tendencies

Skin Concerns: Aging

Fave Product: This is like asking a parent to pick their favorite child – impossibly difficult – but if I had to choose, I adore Gaelle Organic’s Masque Supérieure. This creamy, all natural formula feels like spreading a lightweight chocolate mousse all over the face – so lush and heavenly. And this mask is unique in that it focuses on infusing your skin with H2O – almost like a sheet mask – but without the sheet.

Fave Beauty Ritual: A deep-tissue massage really hits the spot after a long day of dance rehearsal!

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