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We have scoured the world, researched and tested, to bring you the best and most effective luxury organic & natural products. We work with both established and grassroots brands to help you discover the next cult favorites.

Thoughtful Curation

The beauty industry is crowded - it's overwhelming.

There are so many brands claiming "green" and "natural" that it's hard to know who to trust without deciphering each and every ingredient. So we've done the work for you.

Each of our boxes contains carefully chosen organic, natural, non-toxic and cruelty-free products that pass our strict standards for clean beauty.

Luxury Self-Care

Cultivate a beauty ritual that allows time for self-care.

We perfect every luxe detail to create a meaningful experience,from box unwrapping to product indulgence.

Exclusive Box Pricing

The average beauty product costs $30-$60 and purchasing new products can be a shot in the dark. Let us do all the legwork to find the best of the best and present you with the exceptional value of 2-4 products each month for the same amount that you’d pay for just one.

Each box starts at just $37.95 + Free Shipping

All of our boxes have an average retail value of $85+. Which means you’re getting a lot more than what you paid for.