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Kimberly Fe’Lix - Fe'Lix, Inside Out

Kimberly Fe’Lix

Fe’Lix, Inside Out

Kimberly Fe’Lix, called Fe’Lix by her friends, is the creator and writer behind Fe’Lix, Inside Out. A one-stop shop for all things wellness (inside and out), the website aims to help others navigate the journey to healthy living and green beauty. With a science background (Biology & Psychology), a career in health and nutrition, and a yoga teacher certification, she is passionate about all aspects of wellness. Making the switch to green beauty was only a matter of time given this background and her desire to break the attachment to toxic beauty products. Newly passionate about researching clean beauty, Kimberly quickly noticed a lack of representation in the still growing green beauty scene. She hopes that by sharing information and building a community, using her unique voice and commitment to authenticity, she'll empower people to live more mindfully; making green beauty more accessible and inclusive in the process.

Age: 30's

Skin Type: Normal to Dry

Skin Concerns: Hyper-pigmentation, sun protection, and sensitivities which have developed with age.

Fave Skincare Product: Maya Chia "The Super Blend”- it’s a pressed serum/brightening moisture concentrate and it is completely life changing. Before switching to green beauty I used a lot of pressed serums and it was the hardest thing to let go. I’m so happy to have found a clean non-toxic pressed serum that I love more than anything. I will always have this in my beauty arsenal.

Fave Self Care Ritual: I deep condition my extra curly hair twice a week. While the deep conditioner is doing its magic, I like to put a mask on my face and dry brush my skin. Lymphatic drainage plus skin and hair hydration is a self-care triple threat. After about 20 minutes I can hop in the shower and literally wash all my cares away. I truly feel like a brand new woman afterward.

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