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Leila Stead - Single Mum Diaries

The Single Mum Diaries was born out of a need to find a place and other women to connect with when Leila found herself pregnant and single. When that need couldn’t be found Leila created it herself and she is now a source of great inspiration, strength and support to many women and mothers. She shares her experiences and stories in a raw, authentic manner, inviting others to let their guard down and not be so hard on themselves. Through her blog and Instagram she shares her love of beauty, fashion and design and the changes she is making for a better world fueled on by motherhood.

Age: 30's
Skin Type: Oily, combination
Skin Concern: Broken capillaries, uneven skin tone and aging
Fave Skincare Product: I can't live without: Rose Water mist, I take it everywhere with me and spray religiously throughout the day.
Fave Selfcare Ritual:Everyday I cleanse, tone and moisturize but my favorite part of that is putting on a serum like skin brightening etc. to help with my pigment.