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Marie Doctorchik - And the Color Green

Marie is the fun, witty creator behind And The Color Green - a YouTube channel filled to the brim with informative facts and observations on beauty and skincare. From her Fun Fast Facts Friday to her relaxing Maui Minute in Monday Mixed Plate, Marie shares her knowledge and passion for beauty in a fun, objective way while never taking herself too seriously. Her thirst for facts behind ingredients and how products work is easily discernible and we are lucky that she shares her findings with the community.

Age: 30's
Skin Type: Dry + mature (i.e to much fun in the sun)
Skin Concerns: Hyperpigmentation, aging
Fave Skincare Product: Too many to count! The largest part of my skincare routine is cleansers. So I guess I can't be without my array of cleansers. I have about 10 different ones that all serve somewhat different skin concerns. I believe in consistency so I don't vary my actual routine too much so I make up for it in cleansers.
Fave Selfcare Ritual: Masking! I love the ritual of preparing the mask. I take time to decide what my skin needs and adjust my mask accordingly. I love allowing myself a few minutes to sink into the act of self-care. Most of all, I love the skin transformation that masking offers.