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Melanie Graves - Overglow Edit

Melanie Graves

Overglow Edit

Overglow Edit is a blog that was born out of Melanie's obsession with all things skincare, beauty & wellness. Melanie's love for beauty products was initially rooted in makeup, but as time passed she realized that skin health should become her priority, and she started exploring the world of skincare.With the abundance of skincare products coming out every week, Melanie tests and tries products to share her honest thoughts and reviews on what really works and what to save your money on, in hopes of helping others as they decide what to invest in.

Age: 30's

Skin Type: Dry, oily t-zone & sensitive

Skin Concerns: Aging, texture & tone

Fave Skincare Product: Skin care product you can’t be without and why: Hydrocolloid patches - they are my favorite spot treatment because they're effective, but don't dry out my skin.

Fave Self Care Ritual: Wash-off masks! It's so relaxing to wear a mask and drink a glass of wine on the couch.

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