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ARCHIVE - Danielle Torres - Cruelty Free Vegan Beauty

Danielle is the founder and creator of the Cruelty Free Vegan Beauty YouTube channel and Instagram, where she vlogs about cruelty free and vegan makeup and skincare with a focus on green and clean options. When she isn't chatting about all things eco beauty, she loves to hang out at home in Arizona with her husband, son, and cats.

Age: 30's
Skin Type: Combination/Acne Prone/Oily/Sometimes Normal. My skin is so finicky, and it depends on the time of year. 
Skin Concerns: Acne and hyperpigmentation
Fave Product: If I only had to pick one... probably a good balm, since it can be used in multiple ways. 
Fave Beauty Ritual: I love spending like two hours alone in my bathroom doing a crazy long facial session. Steam, multiple masks, facial massage. The works. Though that hardly happens anymore!