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ARCHIVE - Lynda D'aboh - Wanderlusting

Lynda is the wanderlusting creator behindWonderlusting, a blog that covers topics from beauty,  to health, travel and food. She shares whatever tickles her fancy from her extensive travels and when it comes to beauty, her interests lie in the natural and organic realm. Beautiful, artisanal packaging on top of that piques her interest further! When she’s not discovering unique beauty products, she can be found cooking up a storm with delicious and nutritious ingredients for both body and soul.

Age: 40's
Skin Type:  Sahara dry and sensitive
Skin Concerns: Hyperpigmentation, dehydration, eczema prone
Fave Skincare Product: Oils - Mother Nature's serums packed full of powerful skin nourishment - are the best thing to ever happen to my skin. I'm sure I would look like a crocodile without them.
Fave Selfcare Ritual: Eating fresh fruit and veg - just looking at the colors makes me happy and I believe skincare starts from the inside.