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ARCHIVE - Nic MacDowall - OrgaNic Obsessions


Nic is the writer + editor of OrgaNic Obsessions. She's a green beauty lover who loves reading up on ingredients, products + brands and masking away while doing so. Nic owns a tiny Bichon-Yorkie named Saskia and recently relocated to Singapore with her husband. Nic is inspired by the sky (especially pink ones) and believes in being kind, gentle and loving with oneself and others. In her words, "Everyone is on a journey we know nothing about and we’re all in this together, trying to better ourselves and the environment one step at a time".

Age: 30's
Skin Type: Combination, Sensitive
Skin Concern: Sensitivities. My skin reacts quite easily so anything to help calm and soothe is always a winner. That and keeping oiliness at bay although years of green beauty and understanding what ingredients to avoid has helped tremendously.
Fave Skincare Product: Leahlani’s Mermaid mask! I can’t live without this in my ritual as it helps maintain happy skin. Not a skincare product per se but I’ve realized how important a tool a facial massager is and I especially love the rose quartz one featured in last December’s AO box. I use it every evening after cleansing and having applied my serum/oil and the boost of circulation it gives makes a marked difference in how my skin and face looks the following morning. More even, calm and toned as it helps with lymphatic drainage and gets rid of stagnant toxins that accumulate. I definitely notice when I haven’t incorporated this step into my nightly routine.
Fave Selfcare Ritual:Masking! It helps me unwind and stay present in the moment.