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Featuring TWELVE Beauty

This month's collection from TWELVE Beauty is the perfect winter treatment. 
Twelve Beauty focuses on improving skin functionality and promoting healthier skin through plant-based, eco-approved ingredients.

TWELVE has a value of $168


Sensitive + Dry Skin SOS
$110 value // 200ml  full size


The Rewarding Body Balm is the first product ever created for the TWELVE Beauty line. Designed to correct chronic dry and damaged skin that has been permanently tender and fragile for years. A rich, yet beautifully absorbing body balm with a soothing formula suitable for irritated skin. Its efficacy comes from the blend of oils which mimic those found in healthy skin, at the same concentrations. This is the perfect winter rescue.

SQUALANE is a main component of human sebum. This lightweight oil packs a punch and penetrates deeply for deep hydration

JOJOBA OIL mimics natural sebum and provides easily absorbed moisture

ARTEMISIA, IMPERATORIA + BUDDLEJA EXTRACTS act as powerful antioxidants and scavengers of free radicals

ARGAN OIL heals with high vitamin E content

MALLOW EXTRACT + SHEA BUTTER improve skin softness and possess soothing, anti-irritant properties

CUPUAÇU BUTTER restores moisture and elasticity

SPENT GRAIN WAX is extremely high in linoleic acid (an essential fatty acid required for regeneration of the epidermal permeability barrier) making it excellent for dry, irritated and sensitive skin


Instant Regeneration Elixir
$58 value // 15ml  full size

A truly innovative product that reduces and treats under eye bags + puffiness, while activating microcirculation to decrease dark circles. Natural peptides work to give an instant boost of vitality around the eye area, blocking the degradation of collagen and elastic tissue. An exceptionally effective natural treatment to address under eye concerns.

HYDROLYZED RICE PROTEIN defends skin against UV-induced premature aging and collagen degradation

GLYCINE SOYBEAN PROTEIN helps to improve skin elasticity, suppleness and promote the regeneration of skin cells

SUPEROXIDE DISMUTASE acts as a powerful antioxidant, derived from yeast

CERATONIA SILIQUA GUM helps to smooth the appearance of fine lines

December's Featured Artist 

The Tiny Gardenis a design studio based in the Netherlands and run by Maria Vashchuk.  Maria is a pattern designer specializing in whimsical, yet elegant florals and conversational prints. Her primary source of inspiration is her tiny urban garden full of carefully selected plants and flowers which stay green through the winter. Maria enjoys traveling to European cities, visiting art museums and galleries, flea markets and bookshops.





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