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August's Clean Beauty Box, REVIVE introduces you to a collection of luxe clean beauty products to rejuvenate skin + hair, adding a little pep to your step at the height of summer!

REVIVE has a value of $88
Featuring 2 full-size products from Wabi-Sabi Botanicals + Herbivore

B O D H I   B A L M
Citrus Mimosa Balm Concentrate
$76 value

A luscious nighttime treat for tired skin, Wabi-Sabi Botanical’s concentrated balm possesses a unique nutrient profile that renews and revitalizes the skin with rich omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids, potent antioxidants, and anti-aging vitamins A (retinol) and E. Raw cocoa and shea butters combined with cold-pressed macadamia nut, plum seed, and passion flower oils create a creamy, rich balm that leaves skin petal-soft. Infused with beautifully fragrant orange peel, mimosa, and tuberose waxes to lock in moisture and protect your skin from harsh elements. Topped with the sweet, citrusy pink grapefruit, exotic mimosa and tuberose floral heart notes.

Peruvian Cocoa Butter – anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidizing + deeply penetrating
African Shea Butter – boosts collagen, hydrates + helps to reduces the effects of free radical exposure
Chilean Rosehip Seed Oil – anti-aging + works to reduce the appearance of scars and wrinkles
Macadamia Nut Oil – heals + restores dry, aging skin
Plum Seed Oil – promotes cell regeneration + supports skin balance
Maracuja Oil – anti-inflammatory + nourishing

***if your balm arrives melted or too soft due to summer heat

Wabi-Sabi suggests placing the BODHI Balm in the fridge for 1-2 hours. Since the formula contains raw, unrefined Shea Butter, it's possible that the balm can become grainy if it partially melts. This does not affect the product's quality or efficacy and can still be used as is, but some prefer a smoother texture. Place the jar in an air-tight bag, place the bag into a bowl of hot water (until the balm is completely melted - approx 2-4 minutes), and then remove the balm from the bag/bowl and put it in the fridge upright for 1-2 hours until it solidifies. This restores it back to it's original texture! If your balm melts again we suggest just storing in the refrigerator on a regular basis to keep it solid.

S E A   M I S T
Coconut Hair + Body Mist
$12 value

Formulated with the same salinity as the Pacific Ocean, this multi-tasking mist works to bring new life and beachy volume to locks and can also be used as a daily body mist whenever a pick-me-up is needed.  Aloe balances the sea salt for soft, effortless texture that’s never crunchy.  Coconut and vanilla essentials oils transport you to an exotic destination with each spritz. Our answer to the end of summer. 

Aloe Vera – lightweight + nourishing
Sea Salt – adds voluminous texture
Coconut Pulp – olfactory bliss



This month's artist collaboration with Zoe Wodarz

This month’s featured print is by Zoe Wodarz, established freelance illustrator, surface pattern and product designer living in Minnesota. She draws her pattern influences from urban landscapes, botanical references, and mid-century modern pop aesthetics. Zoe specializes in creating unique, stylish patterns and impactful brand product collaborations.

Follow her @zoe.wodarz