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Sammie Kolk - Hullo Sam

Sammie Kolk

hullo sam

Canadian-bred Sammie Colletta Kolk is the makeup artist and founder behind hullosam - Ma Vie En Vert. Creating gorgeous makeup looks with some of the cleanest beauty and skincare products around, Sammie wants you to feel beautiful both inside and out. Having lived most of her life with sensitivities and intolerances, she has found that living a clean, organic lifestyle is what makes her feel her best. She loves traveling, spending time with her husband and family and has a soft spot for snacks. Of the gluten, dairy and sugar-free variety!

Age: 30's

Skin Type: Dry, leaning combo

Skin Concerns: Sensitivities, prone to redness

Fave Skincare Product: Fitglow Beauty Calm Cleansing Milk because I've used it for over 4 years now, it's my go-to! It's gentle, effective and non-stripping!

Fave Self Care Ritual: Favorite self care/skin care ritual: Masking and relaxing, whilst sipping some tea! ;)

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