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Tricia Savino - Nihao New York

Tricia Savino

Nihao New York

Tricia Savino is the writer and editor behind Ni Hao New York, a blog devoted to conscious beauty and living, offering a unique perspective that is the intersection of her global roots and her curious nature. Born and raised in Singapore, she lived in Tokyo, Japan and Melbourne, Australia before moving to New York for her husband. They recently welcomed their son into their family and he keeps their hands and hearts full!

Age: 30's

Skin Type: Normal to dry

Skin Concerns: Uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation

Fave Skincare Product: My skin loves a good honey-based mask like Lilfox's Jungle Glow Rainforest Honey Enzyme Cleanser + Mask or Leahlani's Mermaid Mask

Fave Self Care Ritual: Unwinding after a long day with a face mask and a glass of wine while watching Netflix

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