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Trish Vawter - Green Beauty Trish

Trish Vawter


Trish created a blog on natural perfumes called Scent Hive in 2009. Today, you can find her on YouTube, Instagram and her blog. Her informative YouTube channel, The Floraesthetic, is dedicated to a wide range of subjects within green beauty and skincare. She doesn’t claim to be a purist but someone who is constantly learning and wanting to share her discoveries with those on a similar path. Living in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two sons, Trish is also a nurse midwife.

Age: Early 50's

Skin Type: Normal to dry, but tends to get drier in the winter months.

Skin Concerns: Treating mild melasma and preventing it from getting any worse or developing any other pigmentation spots from sun exposure. I love using serums and moisturizers that focus on deep hydration, brightening and combating sun damage. The LILFOX Dewy Bean Dream is the perfect product for addressing all of these concerns!

Fave Skincare Product: While I do love oils and use them almost daily, there is nothing like the feeling of a luxurious cream on the skin, and two standouts are Prima's Afterglow Deeply Restorative Cream and Dafna's Nutrition Cream. They are thick and creamy, but absorb really well so I am able to use them day and night.

Fave Self Care Ritual: Either soaking in the tub with a mask on or facial massage with a cleansing oil. But in terms of self-care, it would probably be the process of determining what my skin needs at the end of the day; simply taking that moment to choose the ritual. What serum do I want to use? What oil and moisturizer would work well together? I really enjoy that part of it as nerdy as it may sound. Natural perfume is also an important part of my life so I would place that in the self-care realm. Choosing and applying your fragrance, especially if it is created with vital botanical ingredients, can be a way of setting your intention for the day.

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