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Wabi Sabi Botanicals

Formule Intensif No. 1 | Light Reveal

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  • 10ml

    Light Reveal Targeted Treatment Serum is a vibrant, red-orange elixir packed with concentrated caffeine, carotenes (pro-vitamin A), and actives that work overtime to reverse free radical damage (the #1 cause of hyper-pigmentation) and give your skin a luminous glow.

    This high-performance serum is solar-infused with Amazonian Guarana Berries, the highest known natural source of caffeine in the world, and packed with naturally-occurring active phytonutrients that brighten and lighten with each use.

    LIGHT REVEAL gets its unique and intoxicating aroma from rare Pequi Fruit oil sourced in the Brazilian Savanna.

    Essential oil-free

    This product is good for:

  • -Apply ¼ pump of LIGHT REVEAL to brighten and lighten areas affected by dullness and discoloration.

    -Smooth a small amount of serum around the eyes to depuff, smooth, and brighten while you sleep.

    -Apply as an overnight brightening mask by applying generously to clean skin before bed.

    -Add ¼ LIGHT REVEAL to moisturizers you already know and love to boost their brightening benefits, or add to your weekly facial mask for an extra dose of brightening power.

    -Create a custom 'cocktail' emulsion by mixing ¼ pump of LIGHT REVEAL with any of the other Intensif serums in the palm of your hand, or by applying each serum to targeted areas.

    NOTE: Light Reveal may become more viscous in cold temperatures thanks to it's pure, unrefined ingredients (some of which become semi-solid when cooled.) This is a natural, normal reaction and doesn't affect the efficacy or potency of the product. To liquify, simply place your bottle in a tightly sealed bag and submerge in warm-hot water for 1-3 minutes.

  • Carapa Guianensis (ANDIROBA) Oil*, Paullinia Cupana (GUARANA) Fruit Infusion*, Caryocar Brasiliensis (PEQUI) Fruit Oil*, Mauritia Flexuosa (BURITI) Oil*, Supercritical Hippophae Rhamnoides (SEA BUCKTHORN) Fruit Oil†.

    *Organically Grown Wild-harvested Ingredient

    †Certified Organic Ingredient