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Wabi Sabi Botanicals

Formule Intensif No. 5 | Blemish Correct

  • 10ml

    A vibrant elixir that leverages detoxifying whole plants and science-backed Curcumenes to help minimize blemishes, calm inflammation, and reduce redness. Detoxifying Milk Thistle and White Mustard Seed protect and help expel toxins, while concentrated Ximenyic Acid (found in sustainably-sourced Sandalwood Seed oil) lends powerful, inflammation-soothing benefits. Rare Indonesian Temulawak root, containing up to 90% Curcumenes, imparts the skin with concentrated nutrients to purify pores and soothe inflammation for calm, clear skin.

    Essential oil-free

    This product is good for:

  • -Apply a thin layer of BLEMISH CORRECT to active blemishes 2-3 times per day to spot treat inflamed breakouts.

    -Apply ¼ pump of serum to face and neck nightly for a soothing and clarifying serum that helps reduces redness, inflammation, and breakouts over time.

    -Infuse your liquid foundation with clarifying benefits by adding the tiniest bit of BLEMISH CORRECT to your foundation.

    -Add ¼ pump of serum to your favorite moisturizers and facial masks to boost their skin-clearing benefits.

    -Create a custom 'cocktail' emulsion by mixing ¼ pump of BLEMISH CORRECT with any of the other Intensif serums in the palm of your hand, or by applying each serum to targeted areas. Use this product in conjunction with BALANCING ACT for optimal skin-clearing results.

  • Silybum Marianum (MILK THISTLE) Seed Oil†, Brassica Alba (WHITE MUSTARD) Seed Oil†, Supercritical Curcuma Xanthorrhiza (TEMULAWAK) Root Oil, Supercritical Santalum Spicatum (SANDALWOOD) Seed Oil‡.

    *Organically Grown Wild-harvested Ingredient

    †Certified Organic Ingredient