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Free + True Skincare

Body Harmony - Turmeric Infused Rooibos

  • 6 oz

    Relieve stress, and reset your system with an artful blend of adaptogens, antioxidants, and Ayurvedic plants. Enriched with rare flavonoids, South African rooibos is infused with the inflammation-reducing benefits of turmeric. A touch of cinnamon, nutmeg, and black pepper to add warmth and optimize absorption. The synergy between these potent botanicals calms the nervous system, promotes healthy digestion, and supports overall immunity to bring your mind, body, and skin into balance.

    •Warm up and wind down
    •Contains about 30 daily servings
    •No added sugars/sweeteners

    This product is good for:

  • Every afternoon or evening, add 2 tsp to 8 oz of hot milk, milk alternative or smoothie. Stir, sip, reset.

  • Rooibos*, Turmeric*, Cinnamon*, Nutmeg*, Black Pepper*

    *Certified Organic

  • "Life in the 21st century, and all that comes with it, from stress and pollution to a not-so-clean diet, can impact our skin. By crossing into the edible wellness category, it’s my intention to further align mind, body, spirit, and skin, optimizing health in a way that can be seen and felt. As with the entire Free + True line, these superfood powders encourage the creation of daily ritual with a simplified approach. Radiant skin is only the beginning. Now more than ever it’s time to love yourself from the inside out." -Tami Blake, Free + True Skincare Founder and Esthetician

    Each ingestible powder is formulated with a blend of super-powered botanicals and certified ingredients designed to regulate gut bacteria, improve digestion, strengthen the gut-to-skin connection, support overall energy, optimize skin health, and, in line with the Free + True mission, inspire complete skin confidence.

    Each blend can be mixed into plant-based milk, added to a morning smoothie, or incorporated into a whole food recipe – the options are endless and delicious.

    Number of total servings will vary depending on the amount used. Store in a cool, dry place. It’s recommended to use your Free + True ingestibles within 12 months of opening.