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  • Reusable alternative to makeup pads and rounds. Made of soft, 100% renewable raw materials that feel just like regular cotton rounds when liquid is applied. One pack is good for 1750 uses or more.

    Every pack consists of 7 reusable cotton pads and a bio-based case that will last forever!

    •Replaces single use cotton pads
    •Non-toxic materials
    •Comes with case for carrying and storage

  • LastRound is tough when dry but soft with a little bit of water. You can use it for gently cleaning your skin, applying creams or removing your makeup without any discomfort.

    Machine wash used pads at 140°F / 60°C in a laundry bag. Let them completely dry up before you put them back into the case. Wash the pads thoroughly before first use.

  • LastRound is made of 100% renewable raw materials. Every round is completely backyard compostable.


  • FAQ

    Are these fine to use with skincare products like essence toner, micellar water, cleansing water?
    Yes, to all of the above.

    Can I use LastRound to remove nail polish?
    It’s not recommended, because it's hard to clean it thoroughly enough, and the leftover nail polish will make it stiffer. If you use them for nail polish, it should only be used for nail polish to avoid getting leftover acetone onto your face or other body parts.